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Our concierge service is one of the reasons why we stand out from the rest and attract customers who want that extra mile. Even though all of our services are tailor made to suit your needs our concierge service offers you much more. We are guided by integrity, reliability and honesty, and hold excellent relations with your clients.
Our client groups are varied. We work closely with property owners, guests, brides and residents alike.

Our service can compliment your holiday rental appeal. We can work alongside you to offer your customers an extra special experience both in the property itself and also in resort. A simple personalised approach can enhance their stay and therefore potentially increase the likelihood of them booking your property again.

Our property staging abilities can be very cost effective to a property owner. A room can be staged prior to a photo shoot to maximise its appeal and potentially increase interest and allow it to stand out on the sale or rental market.

Approximately 45 percent of our customers last year opted for the surprise element in their request, ranging from champagne and strawberry presentations on arrival to a pre-wedding breakfast gathering for the bride to be.

Brides-to-be find our support invaluable. We can work alongside the bride and groom on an ad-hoc so that they instruct us in their event planning, however menial the tasks may be. This prevents having to hire full event or wedding planning which can be costly.

No task is too small so please, just ask.

Services Include:-

  • Property Staging (for photography)
  • Champagne/Floral/Chocolate/Cake Presentations
  • Hampers/Welcome Baskets
  • Catering and Event Organising
  • Reservations and recreational activities
  • Pampering
  • Wedding Planning (Ad hoc service chargeable by the hour)
  • Xmas Decorating
  • Housekeeping
  • Business administration support
  • Home Support
  • Furniture Restoration









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